Theresa Sowinski Washington Has Earned Extensive Experience as a Contracts Manager

Theresa Sowinski, Washington has years of expertise within the area of contract administration.  She's worked as a legal professional and managed the legal obligations in several business organizations.  After working with a few of the very well known names in the market, she's begun offering her services to companies as a contracts manager.  As a seasoned manager, she's worked with groups of legal specialists and directed them towards functioning on shared company objectives.  Theresa Sowinski is an accomplished communicator and she's maintained strong customer relationships in every area of business.

During time, Theresa Sowinski, Washington has worked in regions of discussion and risk management, also.  As a negotiator, she is able to communicate efficiently by maintaining the interests of parties within her mind.  Even if individuals have different agendas and viewpoints, she is able to aid them in seeing with her point of view and arrive at common solutions of issues at hand.  Her communication skills are useful in communication with juries, customers, judges and opposing counsel.

She's proficient in designing and editing legal record and also regulatory compliance.  She's worked to defend the interests of her customers in most business manners potential.    She worked for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where she engaged in the building of national regulations concerning motors and propellers.

With exceptional skills in oral and written communication, Theresa Sowinski, Washington has discussion expertise involving the business and the national authorities for rule making and legislation.  She is able to easily describe complex legal cases to customers in plain language.  Her capacity to understand and synthesize complicated documents has enabled Theresa to strategize to get a desirable result in addition to determine risk management problems and avoidance.

Among her job duties, she's established jobs from ground-up for multi-million dollar drilling firm.  She managed discussions with customers for state and federal government contracts in addition to Long Term Agreements (LTA) for private customers pertaining to multi-million dollar surroundings cleanup jobs.

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